From a Menu

Many restaurants will provide a menu, posters, or other type of display so that you can easily see what's available and how much it costs. Menus will often include fixed courses or combinations, with names indicating their content or ranking (such as 特上 [tokujō, or extra special], 上 [jō, special], and 並 [nami, regular]).

By the Piece

Proceed at your own pace, and satisfy your curiosity. Prices are often posted on the wall, but feel free to ask if you are uncertain. A frequent approach is to order a fixed combination and then order additional pieces one by one.

Chef's Choice

If you want to get a balanced assortment of the day's best offerings, you can leave the selection up to the sushi chef. If you're concerned about pricing or if there are some types of fish you really don't want included, feel free to speak up before ordering.

Quick Japanese Lesson

「XX wo ikkan kudasai.」

Ikkan means one piece (of sushi). Be aware that some restaurants will give you two pieces per order if you do not say ikkan. The price written on the menu or on the wall is per piece, so keep that in mind when ordering.

「Wasabi wo nuite kudasai.」

Wasabi is pretty strong, and some people don't like it on their sushi. If you are one of those people, be sure to tell the waiter or chef to omit the wasabi.


Using Chopsticks

Turn the sushi piece on its side and grasp it gently but firmly so that the fish doesn't fall off the rice.
Dip the fish side into the soy sauce, and then lift it to your mouth and eat it.

Hold the lower chopstick stationary, and move the upper chopstick to grasp and release your food.

Turn the piece and its side, and gently lift with the chopsticks.

Dip the fish side into the soy sauce, and then eat it.

Using Your Hands

It is perfectly acceptable to eat sushi with your fingers. If you are not good with chopsticks, or if you
simply prefer to not use them, feel free to eat with your hands.

As with chopsticks, turn the piece on its side, dip the fish side into the soy sauce, and eat it.

When eating a gunkanmaki (battleship roll), hold it upright so that the topping doesn't fall off, dip the bottom side into the soy sauce, and eat it.

Paying the Check

When you have finished your meal, drink some tea to refresh your mouth. Then tell the sushi chef or a waiter that you would like the check.